Let our pristine nature reel you in

Kurzeme’s richness of waters offers fishing fans a wide range of destinations and game fish possibilities. Our many lakes and rivers are swarming with fish, but it is much easier to get a great catch, if you embark on this experience with a local fishing guide. Additional value to your fishing event comes from the satisfaction of experiencing the awe-inspiring, untouched nature of the Latvian coastline.

The western Latvian Baltic Sea coast was once a heavily-guarded western border of the USSR. To this day, Kurzeme shores can boast of having pristine natural surroundings, practically untouched by civilisation. You can sunbathe, search for amber washed ashore, or fly a kite on a sparkling beach. Kurzeme takes pride not only in its nature, but also in its rich cultural heritage. There’s a variety of art, music and culinary festivals you can experience, while staying at the city’s accommodation facilities, which range from cosy guest houses to five-star design hotels.


Nearly all of the most popular types of angling are practised in Latvia: float angling, spin-fishing, fly-fishing, fishing from the beach, ice fishing and other. Kurzeme has several trout rivers, where a nimble angler will manage to catch a beautiful brown trout. However, you must remember that catching trout on live bait is not allowed in Latvia; they can be spin-fished using a lure or a spinner or fished with a fly.

Spin-fishing of salmon and sea trout in Latvia is only allowed in a few licensed stretches of Kurzeme rivers, and only between March 15th and May 15th. Catch and release method is allowed between January 1st and October 1st, and you can keep one fish from the sea. Also during spring – from April to May – fishing of migrating vimba with natural bait is plenty attractive. During that time, the banks of the most popular vimba rivers are sometimes swarming with fishermen.

One of the most popular activities for anglers is to spin for pike. Pike bite best in May, when fishing is allowed, following their spawning season, as well as in autumn – during September, October and November. Pike can be found virtually everywhere.

In order to fish in Latvia, you have to purchase an angler’s card, available in all specialised fishing and hunting shops, as well as in post offices. When fishing, you should carry with you both the angler’s card and your personal ID. If you decide to spend your fishing holidays with our experienced, engaging and “green thinking” guides (more details below), providing both their knowledge and some fishing equipment, we will assist and advice you during your whole trip – from accommodation and catering options to different fishing adventures.

Angling Upskilling

In Latvia, there are three fly fishing instructors certified by European Fly Fishing Association (EFFA), and trainings are organised on request. To arrange trainings, contact the local guides or Latvian Anglers Sports Association (LSMF) via email: getguntars@gmail.com, webpage: www.flyfishingteam.lv or facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LatvijasMakskeresanasSportaFederacija/.



Accommodation in Kurzeme varies from cosy B&Bs and inns to luxury boutique hotels. In addition to an overnight stay, most of them offer supplementary services, such as bicycle renting, sauna, local cuisine, and guided sightseeing tours throughout the local surroundings, among others. Cafés and restaurants in Kurzeme provide wide variety of cuisines – European, Eastern, and, of course, local and traditional dishes. We recommend you to try smoked fish!

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From big city sophistication to heartfelt country hospitality, Kurzeme gives a warm welcome to every visitor. Discover ancient castles and pagan festivities, wander through stunning valleys or laze on miles of beaches in this Baltic gem.

The beautiful town of Kuldīga is an ideal destination for a romantic weekend or family vacation. To ensure your stay is magical, Kuldīga offers a mixture of baroque splendour and soulful timber houses, Europe’s widest waterfall, various enchanting restaurants and guesthouses.

Known as the “city where the wind is born,” Liepāja is a port with many uncommon attractions. Art Nouveau architectural pearls and historic churches meet the Soviet brutalist Karosta military port district and a magnificent beach. Rich musical traditions are yours to savour.

Ventspils, a town entwined with the sea, is a delightful destination for the whole family. Enjoy street sculpture, let the kids run wild in the city’s fun parks, discover the interactive medieval castle or relax on the Blue Flag beach.

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The BSF fishing guides in actively support measures to improve natural production of coastal and migratory fish by earmarked funds derived from fishing tourism to local fish conservation measures. BSF stems from the EU-funded Retrout project that currently are improving the habitats and fishing production in 12 Baltic Sea rivers. Other improvement measures, such as construction of suitable wetlands for fish reproduction and river watch (guarding) activities are also conducted.

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