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Usma lake, Enjoy the best of Kurzeme

Full day Fishing
200 EUR for a day with a fishing guide
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Usma lake, Enjoy the best of Kurzeme. 

“Usmas krasts” is a public society uniting local owners, fishermen, and municipality, managing the development and licensed fishing in Usma lake, situated in the very heart of Kurzeme. We offer 14 camping and recreation sites on Usma shores, and any other object in Kurzeme is located within reach of 100 km. 

Usma is the second largest lake in Latvia by volume of water, its area is 42 km² including beautiful islands. The only inland yacht port in Latvia is situated there.

Any fishing tour you are interested in Kurzeme, we may offer you both accommodations and all useful information from our fishermen.




 Local tours on the lake include:

 * Rare! Eel catching night session with a local guide from boats.

 * Pike, pikeperch and perch sport fishing from boats.

/200 EUR for a day includes the state and local license, a guide, a boat and fishing equipment. Extras may include professional cook preparing the catch etc./

The most interesting Kurzeme rivers:

 * Licensed salmon and sea trout fishing on river Venta from 1st of January till 1st of June.  

 * Catch&release sea trout fishing in other Kurzeme rivers like Irbe or Rīva from 1st of January till 31st of September, an activity where the know-how of local guides is crucial, but the popularity of the action grows with warmer winters.

 * Tips and strategies for finding brown trouts in trout rivers of Kurzeme are very important, as various water conditions and fish migration during a year make it complicated for a beginner.  

The best compliment from our guests about Kurzeme rivers express the old truth that “small is beautiful”, it is said about a variety of landscapes within a rather small area, while even on small streams a specialist still finds a 40-45 cm brown trouts. 

Our strength is the possibility to collect actual information from local fishermen, but it is a good suggestion to plan your trip on time when it is +30 degrees celsius or around +0, at these times there is plenty to do for a flyfisher in Kurzeme.  

30 EUR Creating an individual route with fishing bits of advice and flies.

200 EUR for a day with a fishing guide (currently not available, depends on your interest).  



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Full day Fishing

200 EUR for a day with a fishing guide