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River fishing
1-3 person, 250 EUR per person per day
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About me

I’ve been involved with salmon and sea trout catching for over 17 years; for more than 15 years I have participated in the National Fishing competitions and I was four times awarded the National Champion of Spin Fishing in Latvia. I have studied salmon’s behavior and I know the best seasons for fishing. I have also participated in many TV shows about salmon and sea trout fishing in the Baltic States. Let me know if you want to come to the Baltics for salmon or sea trout fishing with me. Tight lines!

Offer description

Salmon fishing guide Uģis Circenis focuses on offering private individuals and companies the highest quality fishing guidance on Latvian and other Baltic rivers. Guests are taken to places where salmon or sea trout are genuinely available and receive professional and high-quality help in catching the fish. Guided tours are held all year round and you are offered to fish with professional equipment and the best baits. We welcome parties from one to three people and we wish to assure you that we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. We always provide professional fishing guidance, equipment, rods, reels, and baits.

Private and business events

A fishing day on the river with a guide is an incredibly helpful and attractive way to improve your skills, which our customers appreciate. Individual clients and groups of up to 3 people – consisting of everyone from beginners to professionals – are very welcome. The price is 250 EUR/excl. VAT per person per day on the river. We will create a wonderful fishing experience for you, your friends and colleagues!



Fishing trips

River fishing

1-3 person, 250 EUR per person per day

Safety on board

The customer's safety is our top priority. In cases boats are used, we ensure that they are seaworthy and operated with good seamanship. We are holding necessary skipper certifications and full boat insurance + passenger liability insurance.


Uģis Circenis
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