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200 EUR for a day with a fishing guide
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My name is Kārlis Dembergs. I am fishing from an early age. It all started in the backyard catching crucian carp on a float in the pond. I still remember that day when ‘’I got sick with fishing’’. For the last ten years, I have been fishing and trying to catch predatory fish. I like to catch predatory fish, like Zander or pike-perch, because they are stronger, more aggressive, and you have to cope the moment you feel them on the stem. I spend a lot of time in Lake Usma because here I have been given a lot of worthy fish trophies. I know around here are a lot of them, so I continue traveling around also in other lakes searching for a good catch.



Local tours on the lake include:

* Rare! Eel catching night session with a local guide from boats.

* Pike, pikeperch and perch sport fishing from boats.

/200 EUR for a day includes the state and local license, a guide, a boat and fishing equipment. Extras may include professional cook preparing the catch etc./

The most interesting Kurzeme rivers:

 * Licensed salmon and sea trout fishing on river Venta from 1st of January till 1st of June.

* Catch&release sea trout fishing in other Kurzeme rivers like Irbe or Rīva from 1st of January till 31st of September, an activity where the know-how of local guides is crucial, but the popularity of the action grows with warmer winters.

* Tips and strategies for finding brown trouts in trout rivers of Kurzeme are very important, as various water conditions and fish migration during a year make it complicated for a beginner.

The best compliment from our guests about Kurzeme rivers express the old truth that “small is beautiful”, it is said about a variety of landscapes within a rather small area, while even on small streams a specialist still finds a 40-45 cm brown trouts.

Our strength is the possibility to collect actual information from local fishermen, but it is a good suggestion to plan your trip on time when it is +30 degrees celsius or around +0, at these times there is plenty to do for a flyfisher in Kurzeme.

30 EUR Creating an individual route with fishing bits of advice and flies.

200 EUR for a day with a fishing guide (currently not available, depends on your interest).


Fishing trips

Full day Fishing

200 EUR for a day with a fishing guide