Baltic Sea Fishing and River Restoration Projects



The BSF fishing guides in actively support measures to improve natural production of coastal and migratory fish by earmarked funds derived from fishing tourism to local fish conservation measures. BSF stems from the EU-funded Retrout ( project that have improving the habitats and fishing production in 12 sea trout rivers across the Baltic Sea Region. The cases include measures such as constructions of fish paths, biotope restorations, water quality improvement, anti-poaching campaigns and dam removal plans.

Along with the evaluation of success factors from past restoration projects, the new toolbox will include experiences of the river restoration demonstration case studies that are currently being carried out. The main objective of the toolbox is to provide a list of best available practices and recommendations for cost-efficient and effective river restoration for enhancing ecological quality and increasing sea trout productivity. This can contribute to the development of sea trout management plans and encourage the authorities to implement HELCOM recommendations for improving the status of migratory fish.