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This western subsection of the Gulf of Gdańsk, positioned on the Southern coast of the Baltic Sea, is one of the most unique and tourist-attracting areas of the Baltic Sea Region. A vital reason for that is its seclusion from the open sea by the picturesque Hel Peninsula – a 34km-long, crescent-shaped sandbank, arcing out into the Baltic.

Enjoy the stunning views, wild and monumental nature of Northern Kashubia, visit the coastal towns of Hel, Władysławowo, Puck, Jurata, or Jastarnia to experience the local culture and its appetizing cuisine. The easily accessible Puck Bay offers you amazing fishing tour opportunities and wide range of water sports – from sailing to windsurfing and kitesurfing.


Every year the Gulf of Gdansk is attracting more and more visitors from the most remote places in the world, who come here to experience unforgettable connection with wild nature and relax, often by means of fishing tours to the deep sea waters. Salmon trolling has increased greatly over the past years, and based on this experience we can safely say, that a successful big fish catch and a memorable time is guaranteed!

Fishing varies depending on the season and locality. Salmon and sea trout fishing is performed almost all your round – though autumn and winter seasons are recommended only for extreme fishing enthusiasts! More and more popular garfish can be caught here from mid-May to mid-June.

During one day trips, the organizers provide real adventure and give their best to assure your fishing is successful. All tours are organized by licensed English-speaking fishing guides on well-equipped and modern vessels, departing from the major ports of the Puck Bay, such as Hel, Jastarnia, Ustka and Władysławowo. Depending on the weather conditions and appetite, each of the customers of the “big fish” trip has an opportunity to prepare a meal with trophies they’ve caught, in the company of a professional cook. Nearby hotels with parking space and catering options are at the disposal of guests at any time.

The daily cost of renting a boat with complete fishing equipment, insurance, and the company of a guide, ranges from approx. 180 EUR (sea trout) to 400 EUR (10 hrs salmon fishing tours for groups of four).

We believe in ethical, sustainable fishing and giving back to the nature. By choosing our BSF services, you support restoration of the local fish stock!



The Puck Bay offers various range of fisher-friendly hotels, from budget to more upscale accommodation. Many hotels also provide SPA services and host widely appraised restaurants.

Here’s a list of hotels that offer the BSF packages (fishing tours, accommodation and catering) in the Puck Bay region (in alphabetical order):

You can also find other hotels at the destination here.


The Puck Bay is a perfect place for bike tours and walking. There is a popular bicycle trail stretching from Puck to the Hel Peninsula, as well as various pedestrian trails. Reserve “Beka“ is a valuable ornithological park at the mouth of the river Reda. In addition to rare, protected bird species, you can see here marshy salt meadows rich with unique species of halophytic (salt-tolerant) plants. Beautiful beaches, museums and local restaurants, bars and SPA centres will make your time unforgettable. Annual events in towns of the Puck Bay region include traditional Kashubian and organ music festivals, the Garfish festival “Belonada”, the Herring walk across the Bay and many other open-air summer attractions.

Lively towns of the Puck Bay area will stay in your memories forever. Visit Hel – the unusual town at the tip of Poland, with beaches, a seal sanctuary, Hel Lighthouse, and 14th century Gothic church – a home to the National Fishing Museum. Take a walk at Jurata‘s pier, relax in Wladyslawowo, or Jastarnia – popular seaside resorts full of hotels, SPA centres, bars and clubs, restaurants and seasonal attractions. Puck town invites you to experience its centuries-old market square and old town, historic churches, 8th-10th century flooded port, located some 500 m from the shore, glass blowing business, as well as cultural and food festivals. And if you have more time, the Tricity area is just around the corner, so you can easily experience the beautiful Old Town of Gdańsk, neigbouring with SPA resorts and beaches in Sopot, along with the modernistic Gdynia – famous for its sea-songs and contemporary music festivals.

There are plenty of dining out options with restaurants serving local fish dishes. Our tips:

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The Puck Bay is easily accessible from the Tricity (Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia) by plane, train, boat, car and ferry:


The BSF fishing guides in actively support measures to improve natural production of coastal and migratory fish by earmarked funds derived from fishing tourism to local fish conservation measures. BSF stems from the EU-funded Retrout project that currently are improving the habitats and fishing production in 12 Baltic Sea rivers. Other improvement measures, such as construction of suitable wetlands for fish reproduction and river watch (guarding) activities are also conducted.

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